We Help Nonprofit Organizations

Targeted Projects

You direct the development program for a small nonprofit organization.  Or perhaps your organization doesn’t have a development professional on staff at all. In order to achieve your goals or expand your development program, you need additional development support. Development on Demand can step in to efficiently execute specific projects, ensuring your goals are met at an affordable cost. Managing targeted campaigns and events, preparing and submitting grant proposals, and filling temporary staff vacancies are examples of how we help organizations carry forward their mission.

Special Campaigns

Your small nonprofit wants to launch a targeted campaign to build endowment or enhance capacity, but there’s only you and your assistant on staff.  You’re already swamped with the annual campaign and an upcoming event, and you don’t have the bandwidth or the expertise to carry out the campaign.  Development on Demand can get the job done, affordably and on time.

Leadership Development

The volunteers on your philanthropy committee are excited about the new campaign to build a new wing.  Despite their enthusiasm, they shy away from asking for gifts.  Some have limited time and others are not comfortable talking about money. Development on Demand has years of experience providing staff and volunteer solicitors with the tools they need to comfortably and successfully solicit and close major gifts.

We Help Independent Development Professionals

Business Development Support

You’re an independent development consultant who needs to grow your business, but it’s hard to pursue new business when you’re tied up carrying out your current business commitments.  Development on Demand is here for you.  With more than thirty years of experience directing development programs, we can execute your plan with the expertise you would expect, freeing you to market for new business.

Task-Overload Support

Business is good! You’re fulfilling contracts with a number of clients, but you are a solo practitioner and you’re in “task-overload.”  Deadlines loom large and everything is a priority: grant proposals are due, prospect briefing documents need to be researched and written, foundation research needs to be done to identify new potential funders, and more.  Development on Demand can help you.  We are an affordable resource that will help you complete your tasks on time.

On-Site Support

You’re conducting a capital campaign for a nonprofit organization and you need an experienced senior professional to work on-site to help manage the campaign.  With more than thirty years of experience directing development programs and campaigns, we are well positioned to organize the campaign, coach volunteers, put campaign tracking and research systems in place, and more.  Development on Demand can also provide your client with transitional staffing while conducting a search for a permanent staff person, or to cover for a staff person who is on leave.